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Healthy Diet



I provide online coaching services to clients nationwide, and internationally through Zoom.

Your health journey starts by scheduling a free 30-minutes discovery call. 


I offer packages that allow me to thoroughly analyze your health history, existing conditions, as well as your current diet and lifestyle.


After your initial appointment, you will receive a detailed diet and lifestyle plan, along with recommendations for supplements. However, my primary focus is always on making adjustments to your food choices.


I understand that change can be challenging, so I will provide you with suggestions on how to implement your new diet. Additionally, I will support you with recipes and other healthy ideas. 



Take advantage of a 30-minute consultation to discuss your symptoms, health challenges, and goals. During this call, I will provide an overview of how I can assist you and recommend a package specifically tailored to your needs. This call allows you to ask any questions you may have and ensures that we are a good fit for each other.     

 PACKAGES include:


  • Initial consultation conducted via Zoom for your convenience 

  • Recommendations and access to clinical laboratory tests, along with interpretation if required.

  • Comprehensive assessment of your health and lifestyle, considering symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle choices, and diet.

  • Follow-up sessions to offer support in implementing the plan, monitor your progress, and make necessary adjustments. 

  • Personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plan, designed to meet your unique requirements.

  • Customized recipes and educational handouts to further support your journey.


I have access to a wide range of functional tests that can help identify the root cause of your symptoms. By utilizing these tests, we can personalize your program, and accelerate your results.









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Or download my Frequently Asked Questions pdf for more information

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