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How women's body changes after the 40s and how to cope with it

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

As they get older, the body of most women goes through some changes some due to age, some due to menopause that can lead to weight gain.

Does this mean they can’t still be fit, healthy, and strong?

Certainly not!!

Let’s see first what happens after the 40s:

· Hormones like progesterone, testosterone, estrogens, the chemical messenger which controls most body functions, start to fluctuate, causing changes like decreased bone density and lean muscle mass, lower sex drive, and mood changes.

· Metabolism starts to be slow due also to lower estrogen level and you start accumulating more fat especially around your waist.

· Muscle mass decreases at a rate of 1% per year link to a drop in testosterone and estrogens.

· Appetite increases as hormones like ghrelin (appetite) and leptin (satiety) are fluctuating and so does sugar craving as, especially with weight gain, the body starts to ignore insulin (blood sugar balance hormone).

· Movement decreases as overuse and joint injuries resulting from all the years of exercise may cause to give up the favorite activity or force to slow down.

· Stress increases due to manage career and finances while oftentimes caring for both their children and parents.

· Sleeping becomes more difficult with age or maybe you just don’t feel rested, even after a full night’s sleep, which a consequence less energy to exercise or be active.

Let’s see now what we can do to counteract all these changes.

1. Eat healthily, a balanced diet with all the nutrients our body requested is effective in managing weight. Give priority to high fiber food, vegetables, pulses, grains, lean white meat, oily fish rich in Omega 3, nuts, and seeds. Book a free consultation with me to find out how I can help you and start working together to get your personalized plan.

2. Pack your lunch, studies show that meal planning and home cooking meals are associated with improved diet quality and a lower risk of obesity. You can prepare everything during the weekend, put it in the freezer divided into portions so that in the morning you just grab your lunch and go.

3. Drink plenty of water, increase fluids is beneficial both for weight loss, increase a sense of satiety and remove toxins.

4. Be active, move and exercise every day, walk in the park or walk to go to work can help, take the stairs instead of the lift. The best time to exercise is first thing in the morning which is associated with increased satiety and improved blood sugar control. Make sure you have a rest day though, if you don’t allow your body to recuperate adequately between exercise sessions, you can lose muscle tissue.

5. Enjoy the sunshine! Stay out in the sun for at least 10-15 minutes every day, together with improving the mood can also help you meet your Vitamin D needs (depending on your skin type and location) which can contribute to lose weight and prevent weight gain.

6. Aim for at least 8 hours sleep, sleep deprivation has been found to increase weight, cravings, and calorie intake. Few drops of lavender oil on your pillow at bedtime or in a vaporizer encourage relaxation and promote sleep.

7. Cut out Alcohol to reduce calories intake and allow your liver function to improve. The liver plays a significant part in the balance of blood sugar and detoxifying and eliminating hormones.

8. Love yourself, and accept the fact that your body may change, appreciate it and learn to take care of it, and be grateful for all it does for you, it’s the only one you have got.

Hope you’ve found this helpful, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

That’s all for now!!



PS. Book your free consultation on to find out how I can help you.

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